Our journey towards Net Zero 2030 – its all about balance

Acoem UK’s core purpose is to help our customers find the right balance between progress and preservation — protecting businesses and assets, and maximising opportunities while respecting the planet’s resources. Human activity does not have to get in the way of protecting the environment, nor do sustainable practices have to get in the way of human activity. 

Net zero means achieving a balance between the greenhouse gases put into the atmosphere and those taken out.

So for us, taking the net zero pledge is not just the morally right choice to make it also aligns perfectly with where we want to be.  We are proud to publicly declare our intentions and share our journey along the way. We made the choice to jump in now before we had gathered all the answers and information. It felt a little uncomfortable but we have realised that we need to lay the path as we walk on it, otherwise we will be too slow.  We can’t afford to wait until we can fully capture all data on our emissions as there is no time left to waste.

Our staff want us to act now. We want to act now. 

So we did. 

We signed the Pledge to Net Zero which means that we will set and commit to a science based carbon reduction target, publicly reporting our emissions and progress against this target. 

We had already been having discussions and monitoring emissions prior to signing the pledge however this pledge provides us with additional resources and a support network to confidently move forward. We will be documenting our journey in the hope that others will join us too.

Clean Air Day and our Pledge to Net Zero go hand in hand. We want everyone to commit to Net Zero and there is no better day to start than on Clean Air Day – June 17th 2021.  To celebrate, we will plant trees through Carbon Footprint for any of our customers who place a PO with us on the 17th June.  We will send those customers a certificate in their name showing how much CO2 was offset. We recognise that offsetting isn’t as powerful as carbon reduction, but it is a first step. For those that are pledging to make a difference on Clean Air Day, let’s keep going by taking more steps, one day at a time. Join us on the Pledge to Net Zero. 

What do we do with our old shipping pallets?
Here’s one idea. Our finance director’s Dad took home a couple of spare shipping pallets and turned them into a gate and potting table. We can see where our Finance Director gets her thriftiness from but a brilliant idea for recycling nonetheless!

Net Zero CO2e – Base Year 2021

We do not own our assets, they are leased so we have no Scope 1 Emissions.

  • Scope 1 Emissions: 0 Tonnes of CO2e
  • Scope 2 Emissions: 5 Tonnes of CO2e
  • Scope 3 Emissions 208.8 Tonnes of CO2e

2021 Total for all Scopes: 213.8 Tonnes of CO2e


  • Scope 1 Emissions: 0 Tonnes of CO2e
  • Scope 2 Emissions: 4.2 Tonnes of CO2
  • (against a target of 4.5)

  • Scope 3 Emissions 129.5 Tonnes of CO2e
  • (against a target of 201.58)

    2022 Total for all Scopes: 133.7 Tonnes of CO2e which is a 37.46% reduction.