Acoem UK are now exclusive distributors for TCR Tecora.

Acoem UK are proud to announce that we are now the exclusive distributors for TCR Tecora offering their full range of Stack emission sampling systems including continuous dioxin emission samplers, gravimetric samplers and industrial hygiene devices.

Part of the Acoem group, we are committed to sustainable development and helping companies and public authorities limit their environmental impact. We offer products and services that prevent and control air, noise and vibration pollution, increase the productivity and reliability of industrial machinery & contribute to the development of effective, robust & noiseless products. 

TCR Tecora, founded in 1974 is a leading supplier of stack emissions sampling systems, their mission is to design products compliant to international standards, to improve the productivity of environmental engineers, and to reduce off-spec products in industrial processes. TCR Tecora is a recognised brand in Europe and serves a large customer base worldwide in environmental and process applications. 

TCR Tecora has a large range of stack products including the Bravo X which is the most powerful automatic constant flow sampler and is compliant to EN & USEPA requirements.
BRAVO X has the same mechanical features as the PLUS version, but the flow is electronically controlled instantaneously, as well as display / memorise the sampled volume.

This means the possibility of not supervising after entering initial settings!

They also have the DECS which is a long term dioxin sampler and can run for up to 30 days continuously.
DECS® is an automatic sampling system, realised for permanent installation on stacks, dedicated to “long terms” Dioxins and Furans collection (PCDD/PCDF) and other POP’s. The sample is taken by means of a heated probe and a particulate filter, also heated, after which it is rapidly cooled and percolated through an adsorbent vial filled with XAD-2 resin. Sampling takes place completely automatically and respecting the isokinetic conditions. DECS® allows you to extend the duration of sampling to collect a larger amount of sample to be analysed, improve the characterization of real emissions, increase toxicological information, and have a reliable emission footprint.

Acoem UK are looking forward to working together with TCR Tecora to provide stack emissions testing equipment and technical support for existing and new equipment across the UK

About TCR Tecora

TCR Tecora is a leading supplier of stack emissions sampling systems, continuous dioxin emission samplers, gravimetric samplers, industrial hygiene devices, oxygen and combustion control analyzers.

About Acoem UK 

As part of the ACOEM group, Acoem UK represents many of the world’s leading environmental technology manufacturers. Our aim is to provide monitoring solutions which encompass the very best products, technology and services designed specifically for British & European Environmental compliance.