AQGuard now MCERTS Indicative certified

Palas AQGuard, proudly distributed by Acoem UK, is the new product range to achieve MCERTS indicative approval. 

Every adult breathes more than 20,000 times a day, inhaling all components of the ambient air. Each of us should therefore be interested in knowing what pollutants are in our air. The AQ Guard provides reliable, accurate information about the air quality and can be used for a multitude of applications indoors and outdoors.

MCERTS (Monitoring Certification Scheme) is the performance standard for indicative ambient particulate monitors and it covers a number of standards associated with emissions monitoring and testing. Under emissions to air, there are further performance standards for indicative ambient particulate monitors, organisations monitoring manual stack emissions and portable emission monitoring systems.  

The AQGuard Ambient and Indoor Air have both successfully passed the standard required to meet the monitoring certification scheme. 

MCERTS doesn’t only give confidence to clients, it can also show that data obtained by complying with MCERTS is reliable to you, the public and other organisations you deal with. 

The benefits of this standard are:-

. The standard gives you certification of your equipment that is formally recognised in the UK and is accepted internationally.  

. Regulators can be confident that monitoring equipment which meets the standard provides reliable monitoring data.  

. You can be confident that the equipment you use to monitor air pollution has been thoroughly tested and meets standards that are accepted by UK regulators.  

. The standard gives manufacturers an independent approval of the equipment they produce, which will improve their access to international markets and increase their sales in the UK.  

. The standard helps make sure the public are given accurate and reliable information about air quality. 

About AQGuard

Compact ambient air quality monitor. Featuring Palas® aerosol spectrometer technology for precise measurement of air pollution by particulates. AQ Guard combines advanced technology and an attractive design which elegantly integrates in offices, public spaces and vehicle cabins.

About Acoem UK

As part of the ACOEM group, Acoem UK represents many of the world’s leading environmental technology manufacturers. Our aim is to provide monitoring solutions which encompass the very best products, technology and services designed specifically for British & European Environmental compliance.