AQMesh now monitors particles as well as gases

Particulate monitoring technology has been added to the AQMesh air quality monitoring pods. “This is a major development,” says Stephen Hoskin from the Tewkesbury based company Air Monitors. “AQMesh already monitors the most important gases, but fine particulates are one of the pollutants of greatest concern – government figures suggest almost 40,000 people die prematurely in the UK every year from particle pollution.”

AQMesh pods already monitor NO, NO2, O3, SO2 and CO, they also measure temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure and compensate for changes in these environmental parameters leading to more accurate and reliable measurements. AQMesh pods also compensate for cross-gas interferences which are common when using electrochemical sensors. Without these compensations the quality of data from the sensors alone would be significantly compromised.

AQMesh pods transmit their data to cloud servers which apply all of these corrections in real time and relay the data via a web browser application, developed by Air Monitors to the end user. Data can also be provided via an API direct for use by end users own software systems. The application allows adjustments to offset and slope allowing the user to “calibrate” the pods in relation to a reference station.