Growth prompts move to larger premises for Air Monitors

Following a succession of service contract wins and rapid growth in sales of new air monitoring products such as AQMesh and FIDAS, Air Monitors has moved to new larger, more modern facilities.

“We are still close to Tewkesbury,” says MD Jim Mills, “but the new facility is 60% larger, which has enabled us to expand the service department and employ new staff in a number of key departments.”

The growth in the service department reflects the number of new contracts that Air Monitors has secured to calibrate and maintain many of the UK’s ambient air quality monitoring networks. Jim says: “This success can be attributed to the high levels of data capture that we achieve with web-enabled monitoring and a proactive service regime.”

The Air Monitors sales department is also driving growth at the company with new technologies leading the way. “We are struggling to cope with demand for the Fidas particulate monitor,” Jim reports. “By monitoring multiple fractions simultaneously with very low power and maintenance requirements, the Fidas 200 provides an opportunity to gather better data at a lower cost.

“We are also delighted with the volume of orders for the low cost air quality monitor AQMesh. Having spent over three years refining and proving the technology in multiple trials, both in the UK and abroad, there is now a high degree of confidence in AQMesh. This is causing a minor revolution in the air quality community – customers are finally able to quickly and simply collect accurate, almost real-time air quality data from any location; revealing vital information on the air pollution that is responsible for thousands of premature deaths.”