Huge interest in Air Monitors at AQE Show

The Air Monitors stand at AQE 2018 featured a wide variety of the latest technologies for both outdoor and indoor air quality monitoring, several of which featured in the company’s three workshops; all of which were extremely well attended – standing room only. For example, David Green described projects in which formaldehyde monitors and AQMesh pods are being used to measure indoor air quality. In one application raised levels of NO coincided with peak building ventilation, and outside monitors confirmed that NO, a precursor to NO2, was being drawn into the building. David explained that this data is vital when defining mitigation strategies.

AQMesh also featured in Jim Mills’ presentation on the ‘BreatheLondon’ project, for which Air Monitors has installed 100 pods and equipped two Google Street View cars with ambient air quality analysers. This project has been described as the world’s most sophisticated air quality monitoring system – see for more information. Jim’s seminar was preceded by a presentation by Dr Nick Martin from NPL, another Breathe London partner, who explained the advantages of monitoring networks.

In a further workshop, Jim described an exciting new technology which avoids the requirement for some of the most common gas calibration bottles – zero air, NO, NO2 and O3.

Summarising Air Monitors’ experience at AQE 2018, Jim says: “AQE remains the most important event for air quality monitoring in the UK and beyond. All of the visitors have a professional interest in air quality, so it provides us with a great opportunity to meet new and existing customers, and to show them the latest technologies.”