Indoor Aerosols: Planning, Implementation and Validation of Appropriate measures

SGS-Institut Fresenius broadens its range of services and relies on technology from Palas GmbH
Karlsruhe/Longuich. SGS-Institut Fresenius is expanding its range of services in the field of indoor
air quality. The focus lies on the planning, implementation and validation of measures to improve
indoor air with focus on aerosol concentration. The technology of Palas GmbH from Karlsruhe is
used for this purpose.

The importance of indoor air quality has increased dramatically. The realization that aerosol-borne
viruses are probably the most significant way of transmitting infections shows how important proper
air hygiene is. The primary challenge now is to develop suitable measures and specific, sustainable
ventilation concepts.

This requires qualified experts in the field of indoor air quality as well as suitable measurement
methods and technology – individually and on-site. In addition to the conception and
implementation, it is important to monitor the actual effectiveness of the measures. For this
purpose, the SGS Institute Fresenius now offers services for assessing and evaluating the air-hygienic
indoor conditions. High-precision measuring instruments and aerosol generators from the Karlsruhe
aerosol expert Palas® are used for the corresponding measurements.

A successful partnership

“The expertise of Palas® regarding the generating and measuring of aerosols is of great value to us
right now. The combination of the AQ Guard and the PAG 1000 is ideal for use on-site with our
customers,” explains Wolfgang Schreier, Division Manager Non-Lab at the SGS Institute Fresenius.
Claudio Heitkamp, Director of Business Development at Palas GmbH, confirms this: “We are pleased
to be able to make an important contribution to the innovative services of the SGS-Institut Fresenius
with our products”.

The SGS-Institut Fresenius uses the Palas AQ Guard aerosol spectrometer with integrated CO2 sensor
to measure aerosol concentrations in the primarily virus-relevant size range of 0.18 – 0.5 μm. The
Palas® PAG 1000 portable aerosol generator additionally enables the simulation of room use
conditions by generating test aerosols.

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About Palas:
The Palas GmbH is a leading developer and manufacturer of high-precision devices for the generation,
measurement and characterization of particles in the air. With numerous active patents Palas® develops
technologically leading and certified fine dust and nanoparticle measuring devices, aerosol spectrometers,
generators and sensors as well as associated systems and software solutions. Palas® was founded in 1983 and
employs about 70 employees at the company headquarters in Karlsruhe. Palas GmbH is a subsidiary of
Brockhaus Capital Management AG, which is listed in the Prime Standard at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange