The Fidas Frog – Fine Dust Monitoring System

Breaking new ground with Fidas Frog. This fine dust aerosol spectrometer is small, light and precise. The battery life is sufficient for a whole working day – for example for measuring the fine dust load at an office workstation, in the workshop or in the lab. Operation via the wireless touch panel is intuitive and easy.

  • Battery life of 8 hours
  • Simultaneous measurement of PM1, PM2.5, PM4. PM10,Pn and particle size distributions.

The Fidas Frog is smaller than a shoe box and uses WLAN to communicate with its operator via the operating panel. The wireless operating panel allows users to perform measurements at a distance from the particle source. Thanks to the impressive battery life of 8 hours, you can take the measurements throughout an entire working day – with a time resolution of seconds.

Simple to evaluate

The Fidas Frog user interface can be used to display all measurement series and compare them with each another. Fast print outs of reports are effortlessly possible. With the optional integrated camera, images of the measurement set-up can be conveniently assigned to the data record and the measurement report. A warning message is output if individual limits or legal thresholds are exceeded.