Field Service

When You Contact Us

We recognise that service is all about performance, so when you contact us by email we will always respond to you as quickly as possible and if you call us we promise you will always be able to speak to a ‘real’ person and not an automated answering system.

Quality Counts

When it comes to air monitoring equipment it’s all about data capture and data quality, so our entire philosophy is based around delivering both. We use only quality parts fitted by highly trained engineers and we follow tight procedures laid down by equipment manufacturers to the letter. If we can’t fix it fast, then we will offer you a replacement in order to maintain high data capture.

Don’t Call Us – We’ll Call You

Unlike others who respond only when you discover a problem and request a call out, we will monitor your site on a regular basis and respond as soon as a problem develops. Our smart “cloud based” data system will automatically alert us if a monitor develops a problem and our service team will check your data remotely to ensure that all is well. It’s what we call ‘E’ service and it allows us to work in partnership with you to ensure the very best performance from your monitoring equipment.

Maintenance & Support

Over 50% of our entire staff are field based support engineers dedicated to direct provision of customer service. The rest of the team also put service to our customers first on their list, every hour of every day. Our workshops in Scotland and England hold spare parts, diagnostic systems, calibration gases and spare monitors to enable us to respond quickly and fix your equipment at the first attempt. Our field engineers are issued with company vehicles stocked with parts and test equipment and equipped with Category 8 markings and emergency beacons for safety. We invest so much time and effort on our service provision to ensure our customers are happy, because we know happy customers stay loyal and hopefully tell others about us.