AQ Guard Ambient

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Every one of us inhales 12 cubic meters of air per day, every day, and all of us should thus care about the pollutants contained. The new Palas® AQ Guard Ambient provides exact, reliable information about ambient air quality, as a standalone unit as well as in a network of devices for facility monitoring (also available: AQ Guard for indoor air quality monitoring).

AQ Guard Ambient is equipped with the high resolution optical particulates sensor of the Fidas® 200, used for regulatory monitoring worldwide. Based on single particle counting and sizing, advanced algorithms determine the level of particulate matter pollution accurately under all conditions. AQ Guard Ambient offers real time access via cellular, wireless and wired network interfaces. No cloud access is required, so data stays within the user’s dataspace. AQ Guard Ambient also tracks air temperature, air pressure and relative humidity and can be upgraded with sensors for CO2 and TVOC to determine the air quality index based on the European AQI model. AQ Guard Ambient is an advanced analyzer, data logger and information server.