TEOM- FDMS 1405F and 1405 DF

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Tapered Element Oscillating Microbalance (TEOM) instruments measure particulate matter by collecting particles on a filter and studying the change in frequency caused by the mass build up. The 1405 measures one fraction depending on the inlet chosen and the 1405D has the capability of seperating course and fine fractions of PM10 into PM2.5 and PM Course. Developed initially for determining the mass of particles in space this technique in independant from gravity and extremely sensitive making it possible to measure a few microgrammes of particles per cubic meter of air sampled. TEOM has been the workhorse of air qulaity networks around the world for many years. The latest models 1405 series offer simple operation via a colour touch screen interface. TEOM is available in other configurations such as the FDMS (Filter Dynamics Measurement System).