SMART AQM services assimilate real time, hyperlocal monitoring data within an advanced model, to provide detailed insights which can be used to develop strategies as well as continuously measure the efficacy of policy interventions.

Our methods reduce the labour and overall costs required to manage & maintain a hyperlocal network whilst enhancing the quality of the data produced.  It is the work of a consortium consisting of the ACOEM Group, Professor Rod Jones (Cambridge University) and CERC.

Key features include:

•       Real time (1min) data on a wide range of criteria pollutants

•       High spatial coverage using monitoring and modelling (10m2)

•       Calculation of emissions indices as well as pollutant concentrations

•       Separation of local, regional and long-range pollution sources

•       Near reference grade monitor accuracy with lower cost sensors

•       Automated QA/QC and network wide calibration procedures using scale separation techniques

•       Ability to run scenarios within the model and test their efficacy in reality with the network

•       Rich engaging outputs for both specialists and the general public

•       Scalable and transferrable with global support via ACOEM network

Customers utilising this service include the Breathe London Hyperlocal network as well as some of the Urban Observatories.